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Robotics Engineering 1  Robotics Engineering I:  Mobile Robots (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy)

NXT Video Trainer 2.0  NXT Video Trainer 2.0 (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy)

NXT Projects  NXT Projects CD 

Simple_Machines_Intro  LEGO Simple Machines 

Domabot Building Instructions 

Robotics Movement Notes (PDF)




FIRST Lego League Resources

FLL 2013 Nature's Fury Overview

2013 Challenge Overview (PDF)

FLL Nature's Fury Offical Introduction - Video #1

FLL Nature's Fury Official Project - Video #2

FLL Nature's Fury Robot Game - Video #3

Robot Game Updates

FLL 2013 Nature`s Fury - Robot Game Missions EN (YouTube) - Video Showing missons and point values

FLL Coach Programming Videos (YouTube)

Variable Block Programming

Making and Using MyBlocks

Making a Proportional Line Follower

FLL Competition Rubrics (PDF)

FLL Field Elements Building Instructions (PDF)

Bag 1 Instructions

Bag 2 Instructions

Bag 3 Instructions

Bag 4 Instructions

Bag 5 Instructions

Bag 6 Instructions

Bag 7 Instructions

Bag 8 Instructions

Bag 9 Instructions

Bag 10 Instructions

Total Element overview

FLL 2012 Senior Solutions
FLL 2011 Food Factor